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    Panchal Spares

    Torsion free Metal tube Bonded Stator of different polymers like Natural, Nitrile, Nitrile Food Grade, Hypalon EPDM, Silicon Viton, etc are manufactured under strict quality control and supplied as per requirement for chemical and temperature compatibility, Rotors, machined on special purpose machines in Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels and Super Alloys for various applications and are super finished with Hard Chrome Plating where needed. Designwise, the 6L Geometry rotors alongwith their stators for an extended life cycle, serve better with their unique characteristics in our pumps.
  • Pump Spares

    Pump SparesProduct code:- 01

  • Panchal Flow Pump

    Panchal Flow PumpProduct code:- 09

  • Panchal Flow Pump Spares

    Panchal Flow Pump SparesProduct code:- 10

  • Joint

    JointProduct code:- 11

  • Pin And Bush Joint

    Pin And Bush JointProduct code:- 12

  • Rotor Stator

    Rotor StatorProduct code:- 13