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Mix and Pump, Mixing Pump,

Mix - n - Pump


This Mix-n-Pump plant was designed and developed for mixing and pumping formulation as

required by the users. This plant replaces cumbersome operations involved in transfer and mixing

of various liquids to the required precision level with the help of “PANCHAL” Progressive Cavity

Pumps, an agitator and a weighing machine.


1. Keep mixing tank drain valve No. 1 closed.

2. Ensure suction pipe lines are immersed fully in the components tanks.

3. Ensure presence of component liquid in the Pump Housing of the Pumps.

4. Open valve No. 2, keeping valve No. 3 closed. Start the pump I and fill the first component in

the mixing tank to the required weight. The pump will be stopped automatically by a digital

timer on pumping the required quantity (weight) of the first component.

5. Open valve No. 3, keeping valve No. 2. Start the pump I for filling the second component

liquid as explained above.

6. A third liquid component can be filled in a small quantity manually through the funnel

provided over the mixing tank, ensuring the required quantity from the weighing platform

digital panel.

7. Start the Agitator motor for mixing the formulation and stop after thorough mixing.

8. Open valve No. 1 and start Pump II to pump the formulation to the next site of operation.


Keep the pump and pipe lines cleaned after pumping, especially, after pumping liquids which tend

to dry, settle or solidify.

Never run the pump dry. Ensure liquid availability in the components reservoirs.

Do not forget to operate the valves of the pumps intake before starting the pump.

If the pumps are left idle for a long time, it is advised to dismantle the stator, clean & preserve.