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Grout Pump, Grout Mix Pump, Plaster Pump

Grout - Pump -Grout Mix - Pump - Plaster - Pump

The progressive cavity Rotor - Stator type pump is perfect solution when pumping viscous, abrasive or solid laden materials, to pump neat cement, bentonite, cement/bentonites, ultra fine cements and some smooth , creamy, lightly sanded packaged grout mixes, cement/sand mortar and plaster coats. The pumps are equipped with holding hoppers and hopper screens, various size are available. These pumps are designed with variable speed control, PLC / chain / sprocket. All components are easily assembled / dismantled for operating, cleaning and maintenance.

Capacity: 4 -45 LPM

Discharge Pressure: 12 Bar, 24 Bar and 36 Bar.