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Grout Pump, Bentonite Injection Pump

Buy Bentonite Injection Pump at reasonable price from our online store. This pumping system is used for waterproofing existing concrete foundation by preventing water penetration and leakage. It utilizes selected grade natural minerals and bentonite enriched mix. Non toxic grade construction materials used by this pump have no adverse effects on environment. Its advanced grouting application mechanism helps to generate long lasting layer on treated surface that inhibits settling of water moisture. Bentonite Injection Pump can be used for treating internal and external waterproofing job. It is equipped with horizontal ribbon blender shaped mixer, vertical paddle and progressive cavity pump.

Application -

  • Bentonite
  • Cement Slurry
  • Plaster Of Paris (POP)
  • Chemical Slurry
  • Coconut Coir etc.
  • Capacity: 4 - 100 LPM
  • Discharge Pressure: 12 Bar, 24 Bar and 36 Bar